Snippet: Uniquify a sequence, preserving order

I came across some code today that used a set to keep track of previously seen values while iterating over a sequence, keeping just the not-seen-before items. A brute force kind of thing:

seen = set()
unique = []
for item in sequence:
    if not item in seen:

I remembered that I had come up with a simple form of this a while ago, using a list comprehension to do this in a single expression. I dug up the code, and wrapped it up in a nice little method. This version accepts any sequence or generator, and makes an effort to return a value of the same type as the input sequence:

def unique(seq):
    """Function to keep only the unique values supplied in a given 
       sequence, preserving original order."""
    # determine what type of return sequence to construct
    if isinstance(seq, (list,tuple)):
        returnType = type(seq)
    elif isinstance(seq, basestring):
        returnType = type(seq)('').join
        # - generators and their ilk should just return a list
        returnType = list

        seen = set()
        return returnType(item for item in seq if not (item in seen or seen.add(item)))
    except TypeError:
        # sequence items are not of a hashable type, can't use a set for uniqueness
        seen = []
        return returnType(item for item in seq if not (item in seen or seen.append(item)))

My first pass at this tried to compare the benefit of using a list vs. a set for seen – it turns out, both versions are useful, in case the items in the incoming sequence aren’t hashable, in which case the only option for seen is a list.

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